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The package is here. Do you know what's inside of that? - No. - Remember our Rolex? - That was shocking. Yeah. - How much did that cost? - $8,000.00. - $7,500.00! The Rolex is inside of there. - The destroyed one? - Yes, I need to explain what happened here, because this is going to be really cool. After we cut open the Rolex, we noticed that it's still in pretty good condition. Now, it was not something that was salvageable, to be able to actually put together and be a working Replica Watches. So I thought, how much are the components really worth? There's another article that we know of that we're friends with. His channel is Cody'sLab.

We've never actually done an official collab, but we've talked a bunch of times. I sent him an email and said, hey Cody, I know that you're really good with materials, good with metals. We have this watch. If I sent it to you, could you take it apart and see what everything is worth? - Wait, so these are the parts inside of it? - These are the parts from the watch. There is a video on his channel that just went live, you can watch it right after this, of him taking our watch that we paid a lot of money for, and he maybe melted down some pieces, took it apart. And then, he put a value on everything that was inside of it. - Huh. - So, I'm really excited. - I want to see this. - Yeah, so I want to see his video, but I also want to see, what did he send back to us.

All right, here we go. Yeah, the first one. 0.13 grams of diamonds. - Whoa! - Oh yeah, there's a little diamonds! - Whoa! That's cool. - All right! This is so cool! What did he send us? - How did he take these off? - He took these out. These are the little diamonds. If you remember around the ring part of it, there were diamonds on it. - So, that looks like a lot of diamonds. - We're going to open up the diamonds and put 'em in Lincoln's hand. - Look at all those diamond pieces. - It's sharp! - There's got to be like, 20 or 30 of 'em that were in there. Okay, how can we put 'em back in here? Maybe, put 'em on... No, No, don't do that! Don't do that, you're going to lose 'em all. Next. Okay, this one's cool. - What's it say? - 10.94 ounce, or 10.94 grams of gold. - Wait, that's a lot! - I know, what does it look like? - I want to see how big this is. - You ready?

All the gold from the watch. Tah-dah! - That's huge! That's huge! - I mean, well considering how big the watch is, like... - It's a little pebble. - Pure gold. How much is that worth? 10.94 grams. If you want to know how much that's worth, you have to go watch Cody's video right after this and he'll tell you how much this is actually worth, this gold. - Look how big this thing is! - I mean, a lot of you are probably thinking that's really small, but-- - It's big. - Being having family in Alaska, and seeing how much you get from a little flake, from panning, this is actually pretty big and it has some weight to it. Hey, so we got gold. Broken, broken something, broken watch pieces. - Whoa! - Look at all the broken pieces! There's so many little pieces. - I want this little band. - What else do we have in here? I got more stuff. This is one is, 1.15 grams of silver.

Oh! - There's a little silver! - This stuff must not be silver. - It's metal. - It's just metal, like iron pieces? - Yeah, that it actually silver! - Silver crystals. - How do you separate the gold from the silver, melt it all down, put it into a little container? - Yeah, silver powder. Look at this thing. - Oh, it's like sand. Look at the way like it moves. - But, how did he get that I mean, this I understand, this gold I understand, because you melt it down. This is like fine powder sand, where do you get that? Okay, I am super intrigued. Like, how did he get this out of it? - This is what's inside our watch. This is really what's inside. - This really is. Silver crystals, gold, diamond, and some metal pieces that are here. Those are all the pieces that are in it. - This thing's surprisingly heavy, this gold. - It is, gold is heavy. When you're buying a Rolex, you're not just buying it for the materials that are in it, so... - It's for the actual like, name. - Maybe, let's just say this stuff's worth like, $700.00. I don't know, I'm just throwing a guess out there. But, the time that it takes to put everything together, there's some value put on that. - Yeah, I think that-- - Is it worth $7,500.00? I don't know? This is my fake rolex that I have. This one was only $40.00, because Leslie bought this in China. So in a way, this one means more to me than this one that we have that we broke, that was $7,500.00.

Because yeah, we bought this and it was cool and all, but this one, Leslie took the time and was thoughtful enough to get it for me. So, this is really what's inside of a Rolex. Go watch our original video with the watch, with the Rolex, if you haven't seen it, where we cut it open with a dremel and took it apart. And then also, go watch Cody's video to see how did he break it down, how much value was this $7,500.00 watch, how much was in there. And then, you can make the decision. Would you buy a fake Rolex or a new Rolex? After you watch those, come back and let us know in the comments, 'cause-- - I'd buy a fake Rolex, 'cause like I mean, it's so cool to have all these materials and stuff, but like, for that much money, it just tells time. - Or an Apple watch. - Or an Apple watch, it's so much cheaper.

We'd like to know your comments. Let us know, we'll be reading 'em and pinning some of your comments. Big thanks to Cody from Cody'sLabs for doing this, and taking the time. I can't believe he sent it back. Like, I feel like he should just have this as payment. Cody, thank you for doing that. - It's so cool! - Very awesome. That's really what's inside this. - I'm still so confused about that. - All right, let's go watch this video and see how it was.